lundi 15 octobre 2012

Samvahan, a Vedic Art of Healing

Vibrational massage with Jessica Neven du Mont

"All and everything, including the human body, vibrates in cosmic frequencies and resonances. In balancing these vibrations the natural equilibrium of the body can be harmonized"

Samvahan is a Sanskrit word meaning 'even the dead can be awakened'

Samvahan vibrational massage was first practiced 3,000 years ago in India. It was originally practised by mystics who led solitary hermit lives such as did the Cashmere Tantrik Yoginis and Yogis. The Cashmere Tantrikas however, were able to preserve their profound and powerful practices, which were never lost and still exist until today, since they lived in disguise, often hidden in caves and forests of the Himalayas whilst Samvahan disappeared for centuries. 

It took Ram Bhosle for Samvahan to come back to life. During the 1930's Ram came across writings on Samvahan massage and vibrational  practise. He discovered how certain vibrations could heal. With Ram Bhosle's great spirit and creative character and thanks to his mastery in several Indian arts, his vibration developed and refined itself into a profoundly subtle art of healing.